Cuban Island of The Mind

The liquid promenade – a pier to the soul.

No longer is the imagined mystery unobtainable, no longer do we ogle
the lives of others but the immigrant re-touches their own dreams whilst looking across the horizon to those still to have this dream. This project is titled from the book by Lawrence Ferlinghetti which itself is taken from Henry Miller’s Into the Night Life. Used out of context, we always re-contextualise, just as the immigrant must do to achieve the dream.

The liquid promenade, located at the end of Fifth Avenue leading to South Beach in the Miami Beach Area, becomes a “Pier-to the Soul” called the Cuban Island of the mind.

The liquidity of structure, surface, dream, deck and container becomes both promenade and museum. The tension between the two points out and points up the maritime location.

The horizon shafted with light and pierced with apertures mimics the obvious yet not always accessible horizon. We reach with eye where we cannot reach with foot. Blistered with pockets of memory and dream, the structure stands out as the “horizontal monument and movement” for all immigrants, to all immigrant.

The upper promenade serves as the contemplative zone where the very beach and maritime location is open to a seduction both within and beyond the immigrant’s mind. It has, by its very design, the idea of walking on water, being close to, level with, always in view of and in tension with the horizon of the mind itself.

Project Details

CLIENT : Miami Pier Copetition 2009

DATE : 08/01/2009

TAGS : Projects