Sonic Echo

run river run

Sonic Echowhere site, structure,
and program interweave, where the
shoulder ends and the neck
continues, where the neck ends
and the mind takes over.

Sonic Echo works through its own
transformation by playing on the
intersection of river, site, and

Sonic Echo is a loop that
transforms from the white line to
the blue line to the green line, and
back to the white line.

The white line of the bridge that
crosses the river falls onto the site
and is echoed in a changing
landscape infrastructure.

The departing white line begins to
shift when liquid plays into it,
mists up, and is materialized
through fountains of blue light.

The structure shifts seasonally to
green and then back to a smooth
media membrane.

The Sonic Echo loops to reframe
the Trinity to create a landscape
modified by water, plants, and

Project Details

DATE : 01/06/2010

TAGS : Projects