White Welling – Revenge of the Lawn

w h i t e h o u s e r e d u x

12 architectural scripts from the revenge, through grasp to act – the US Presidency plans for the 22nd century knowing this one is already lost THE ARCHTECTURAL REVENGE 1 Caption Bismallah, Pacific Radio Fire lightens up the networks and fire works the skies above Cleveland, Kabul and Peshawar. Expansion How many fingers on the button, on an architecture of surreal mismatch, a relief map of shallow layer grasses which, taking revenge on the white house lawn, becomes the crack-meadow surface of the White Welling, the necessary de-centering and de-familiarizing of the US Presidency. 2 caption President Baxter arrives by predator to meet the press over croissants and coffee expansion the entire future White Well its present its 132 rooms, its 55000 sq feet or more, its contemporary need for the fireplace (real and virtual) its kitchens, meeting spaces, private and public spaces, sports and training facilities, and its future unknown functions, are all located in the White Well that penetrates an as yet undetermined number of underground floors into the earth 3 caption Complicated Banking Problems overcome the credit crunch and the tri million nightmares expansion drop zones and the treasury incorporated beneath the multi-functioning light-well lanterns : organimalls incorporate elevators, services and sustainable units inhabitants and staff constantly changing entrances and exits 4 caption An unlimited supply of 35 Millimeter Film and the anchovy pizza catering system expansion spaces and functions change, re-named according to the changing needs of Presidents and the state of the perpetual war on terrorism the diplomat service and express onsite catering service THE ARCHITECTURAL GRASP 5 caption Winter Rug and the Brautigan Browser: a place for crunching biscuits and power. expansion cyber-control: the president’s new oval office becomes an electronic browser : interactive spaces spool, the receptions space out, sports areas wrap around the security mall and the day glo blender 6 caption The Pretty Office, said President Baxter is on the meadow where there is no hole-in-one only shallow layer grass. (No smoking allowed) expansion time to take revenge on the Lawn and configure the innocent surface, the crack-meadow penetrated by ultimate power deep in the White Welling – various real and dupe entries and exits, opening up like clams close down subsequently on the least alarm for security and surveillance purposes…

Project Details

CLIENT : Storefront for Art and Architecture

DATE : 11/15/2008

TAGS : Projects