Writing in the Sky

a city scripted, urban calligraphy

Miami seen through its own writing,
scripted through an intertwined cable structure
a spiral prosthetic skin wrapped around the existing structure
an optic, haptic, audio, calligraphic diaphanous scrim:

Helter Skelter is an ambient mask by day,
luminescent threads by night,
visual & acoustic urban calligraphy hovers up and away
whilst controlled info-cabling runs a constant train twitter

the virtual geometric shadow of the existing station
drops down, managed by instructure (web) cams
which observe the movement of people
the voyeur is the train arriving

the homeward bound destinations
acoustically echo the site & amplify Miami
as the city is re-scripted, calligraphically ever-present
inspiral, infinite, day and night

Project Details

CLIENT : Miami Competition

DATE : 11/12/2013

TAGS : Projects

WEBSITE : http://madeinebor.com