the blue of infancy – knowledge enters at the infant stage
with a potential destination – anywhere
tears, the gentle run of water, evaporation
retention : the balance of held water
detention : knowledge about to spring
the bubbles out of site as surfaces readjust to
the gentlest of pressure

the fluency of white
light, lucidity, like
knowledge picked up, improved on, becomes fluent
a language spoken so well
permissable configurations meet the waterwalls,
the bladders, the innertubes floating
the stippled brail of tears, the drying clothes
impermeable sculptures, classrooms where
the interface seduces, destinies delayed, learning re-invented
in mirrored, projected landscapes

the truancy of green – the existing landscape, evolved
pasture, soccer pitch, baseball outfield, pricked by the
emergence of creeping stem and flowers
just as sometimes we go wandering and
through erring astray
knowledge widens
another mystery as the body in flight
plays truant with the mind,
out of sight in the woods

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