Rapid Theory for Wonderwalls

(the Disillusionist)

Rapid Theory for Wonderwalls (the Distortionist) is a proposal designed and scripted for the wall in Barcelona, a city where graffiti and lost art crashes into skateboarders and the boys of Z-town meet air-world with bloody knees and bandaged hands in the vortex of Tony hawk moves. Out in the plaza the skaters become part of the city’s everyday, painting the air with their moves and collapsing graffiti with boarding. Surely, in this city, on the wall, there is no better context for this collision than the three voids up there on the ego wall. Do we enter the black holes to go free? Do we resist the pull of the spiral generator that disappear into the cleaver, imaginative voids they make for themselves – not so much an abuse of philosophy, but the question we all ask the moment we are drawn into the abyss that invites all of us with that devastating intimate contract: no content, no space: mise en albyme? The result would be a mesmerizing and mesmerized environment.

Project Details

CLIENT : Diesel

DATE : 03/04/2008

TAGS : Projects