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Heron-Mazy is a working practice producing altered architecture projects, investigative pedagogies, interfaces and altered media film.
It is run by JOHN MARUSZCZAK and ROGER CONNAH assisted by the master of altered digital ceremonies  RYAN MANNING.

Heron-Mazy’s works are snapshots in an Altered Architectural Album – vivid, delightfully informal, they sample reality and virtuality and cast that new dreamlight on the uncaptured moments of experience. Always between the political and the personal, the architecture alters as one experiences text, image, drawing and film.  Just as their award winning Revenge of the Lawn (White House Redux 2008) these fantasies and love stories are scripted through unusual relationship to space, light and  fiction.  Hidden inside lost histories Heron-Mazy demonstrate an architecture of wit, humanity and originality not previously achieved since writers imagined an architecture of iDeath and architects began to write themselves out of the past.  Believing the world needs constants scripts to renew its own meaning, these scripts, virtual and mysterious are prose poems of the contemporary architectural folk tale. While every effort is made to keep within the bounds of imagined worlds it is sometimes necessary to break such rules at short notice. Heron-Mazy are architects, animators and scriptwriters of an altered and altering architecture. Not only a miraculous journey and architecture of surreal mismatch, Heron-Mazy seek a lively touch of ingenious and blithe vibrancy.
Will Challinor author of ‘Architecture Always Changing.’

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