Dutch Island of the Mind

the mirror

The liquid promenade,  the bridge as a return ticket into the Dutch soul,  debates Joseph Beuys’ view that the silver-grey quality of Dutch light has changed. …..it is about contemplation… no matter, the only route you should ever take in Amsterdam is to see things differently….. take time to observe… no longer is the layered and imagined mystery of light unobtainable, no longer do we imagine the brilliant orange and cross the landscape with Total Football…. bridges can always be taken out of  context, just as we always re-contextualise,.. just as the tourist contemplates the sparkle and achieves the dream of light however Ducth it can become.  The tension is hung out to dry – in the interplay of light, water and cloud we get the horizon of the Dutch minds itself…a mirror to ourselves

Project Details

CLIENT : Amsterdam

DATE : 11/05/2010

TAGS : Projects